Greek, Dedalus Press, Dublin 2010
What This Earth Cost Us, Dedalus Press, Dublin 2008
Days Like These, (with Tony Curtis & Paula Meehan), Brooding Heron Press, Washington State USA, 2008
Sappho’s Daughter, Wavetrain Press, Dublin, 1998
Rosa Mundi, Salmon Publishing /Poolbeg, Dublin/Galway, 1995
Nine Views of Uzbekhistan, pamphlet, The Harkin Press, Dublin, 1992
The Ordinary House of Love, Salmon Publishing, Galway, 1991, reprinted 1993
A Moscow Quartet, pamphlet, Dublin, 1989
Slow Air, pamphlet, Pine Tree Press, Cork, 1975

A suite of poems linking the various acts forms part of the dance musical Riverdance.
Poems have been translated into German, Romanian, Greek, Italian, Hungarian, Russian, Catalan, Spanish, Slovenian, Japanese and French

Translated :
La Casa ai Margini del Mundo, Moby Dick, Faenza, (Italy) 1998
La Hija de Safo, Ediciones Hiperion, Madrid, 2001



Theo Dorgan
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