Theo Dorgan
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Paperbacks -Tom Widger, with additional reporting by David Evans

Time on the Ocean: A Voyage from Cape Horn to Cape Town by Theo Dorgan, New Island €16

This is a compelling and pacy account of Dorgan's 23-day, cape-to-cape voyage. From the notorious Cape Horn – "under us a boneyard of wrecked ships" – they go through the southern ocean, at times, rather than over it. Particularly east of Tristan da Cunha, where they encounter their first serious storm. "Bloody big angry waves...we roll heavily, sullenly...with a long thunder over a banshee howl of wind... a nerve-shredding howling whine." Apart from that dramatic interlude, there are other concerns – will 10 strangers bond? Will there be cabin fever? All personal differences, irritabilities must remain buried until landfall at Cape Town. The captain seems to have the ability to foresee trouble. It's an introduction as to why people are seduced by deep water, though it's a book for everyone.

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